The Financial Directorate


Liubov Moroz – head
1 V. Alecsandri Street, office 512-513, 
telephone: 022-72-91-94, +373 67429279
The Financial Economic Directorate is a structural unit of the Central Probation Office, specialized in the economic, financial and accounting field.
In its activity, the Directorate is guided by the Tax Code of the Republic of Moldova, the Labour Code, the Accounting Law, the State Budget Law, the Law on civil service pay system, other laws and legal acts of the Government, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, orders of the head of the Central Probation Office.
The Financial Economic Directorate operates in coordination and collaboration with other directorates, sections and services of the Central Probation Office, structural subdivisions, branch directorates of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and other institutions, enterprises and organizations, within its competents.
The basic functions of the financial economic Directorate
Among the basic functions of the Financial Economic Directorate there are the records and efficient management of the financial resources allocated to the Central Probation Office activity and to the structural subdivisions, track and management of the securities / assets being under management materials, as well as developing and implementing policies from the economic and financial field into the probation service.
Duties of the Directorate:
- Providing calculations and preparation of the expenditure statements for the financial support of the institution;
- Establishment of the financing plans on budget allocations and special means, making amendments and ensure their presentation to the principal budget administrator;
- Evidence of revenues and expenditures according to the financial estimates of the budgetary resources, special of operations and evidence of the concerning other special resources;
- Performing the thematic inspections in the territorial subdivisions;
- Controlling the execution of judgments and orders issued regarding the verifications carried out;
- Ensure the correct organization of the accounting records in accordance with the law;
- Providing the evidence and fair and efficient use and management of the financial and material values entered into the possession of the Central Probation Office;
- Ensuring the calculation of the employees’ salaries of the Central Probation Office;
- Carrying out of the detentions from the salary according to the current legislation and their transfer to the relevant institutions;
- Ensuring the payment of the salaries and their transfer to the card;
- Ensuring the preparation of the reports with reference to the monthly, quarterly and annual salary and presentation of those within the established terms to the National House of Social Insurance, State Tax Inspectorate, the National Bureau of Statistics and the State Treasury;
- Transfer of the funds for the procurement of goods and services and ensuring qualitative evidence of the disbursements with the suppliers for the purchased goods, works and services;
- Ensure the disbursements evidence to the advance holders. Making calculations of the advance disbursements and bearing the costs incurred;
-  Ensuring the calculation of the fixed assets wear;
- Ensuring the daily accounting of the primary documentation and their control and organization at and drafting the accounting notes according to the type of the operations;
- Participation into the currency resources inventory, disbursements and material values​​, in time and correct determination of the inventory results and their impact on the evidence;
- Preparation and submission within the established terms of the accounting reports to the Ministry of Justice.